Prayer Shawl Ministry

If you or someone you know is in need of the comfort of a prayer shawl please let us know! To request a shawl of for more information about the Prayer Shawl Ministry, please call Marinell High in the Parish Office at 734-426-8483. Below are prayers to use for this ministry.

Prayer For Healing

by Cathleen O’Meara Murtha, DW

In the beginning, creating God, you formed my being. 
 You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
To my flesh and blood you gave the breath of life.

O loving One, renew me this day in your love, grant me life as gift of Your faithfulness;
grant me light to journey by; grant me hope to sustain me.

May this mantle be for me a sign of Your healing presence. 
 May it warm me when I am weary;  may it surround me with ease of my suffering;
 may it encircle me with caring when I am in pain.

O Christ who healed the broken in body and spirit, be with me and all who suffer this day.
Be with the doctors, nurses, technicians, chaplains and all who care for the sick.
Be with families and friends of those abiding with and comforting the sick.

May Your gentle, yet strong touch reach out to heal all the broken 
and hurting people and places in our world.

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Prayer For Comfort

by Cathleen O’Meara Murtha, DW

As I wrap myself in the prayer shawl of comfort…
May the Mother of Mercy, the Father of Faithfulness and the Spirit of Compassion
wrap me in their all-encompassing love this day.

May I find comfort
   from all that appears too much to bear at this moment
   from all that feels as if it might be the breaking point
   from all that seems to threaten your peace of heart.

May this prayer shawl be
   a shelter for time of overwhelming grief
   a shade in times of sorrow too deep for words
   a shield from times of unimaginable loss.

May I be comforted
   by the presence of those who love and support me
   by faith in the eternal Loving One
   by the memories of what I hold most dear.

May I be strengthened
   in my daily comings and goings
   in my tentative new beginnings
   in my unfolding new memories.

Blessings of the Angel of Comfort be with me and all I love now and forevermore.

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Prayer for the Caretaker

Composed by Wendy Lee Paffenroth
Prayer Shawl Ministry, First Presbyterian Church, Goshen NY

Hold me up a little longer, Lord, For I am tired.  
The day seems endless and I still have hours to go.

Give me the strength to put a smile on my face and to be tolerant.

When the weariness begins to overcome me, put a happy memory in my mind. 
 Take me back for a brief moment when I found 
Joy, Laughed, Smiled and Felt Carefree.

Help me to find patience and understanding.  
Let me show gratitude, as you have asked us to help each other,
and it is my turn to do just that. 
Let my touch be gentle and kind – as someday I, too, may be the one needing the care.

When things feel impossible, let me wrap this beautiful shawl, that I was given, 
around my shoulders and feel your warm hand of love and understanding.  
Let me remember that you will not give me burdens that are too heavy 
that WE CANNOT carry together.

Be by my side, Lord and help me over this rough patch in my life.
  Let me look for the rainbow that shines after the storm. 
Let me remember that the flowers bloom after the rain and the clouds pass by.

 God, please bless the person I am caring for.  
Let them feel your gift of peace and help them on this journey in their life.
Let their soul feel your love each and every day.

Tonight, when I lay my head on my pillow, please grant me a restful slumber.
 Restore my strength, so that I may face the new day refreshed and ready for any
 challenge that comes before me. Thank you for being by my side.


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