Families of Faith

1st, 3rd-5th Grades Also an option for 6th-8th Grades

Families of Faith (FOF) is a family faith formation opportunity offered for families with 1st and 3rd-8th graders,  12:30pm on Sundays and 3:45pm on Tuesdays. This opportunity affords families the ability to gather with other families twice each month in addition to participating in small family groups. The first meeting of the month is a parent meeting with children attending grade level sessions with catechists. All will be introduced to the topics for the month at their level during this time.  The second meeting will be a community event with all families participating together. During the other two weeks of each month, families can gather in whatever ways they choose to cover various activities with their small family groups. They may gather at Disciple House or the Country Church at the same times each week or they may choose to gather at alternate locations of their choice.

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